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Instructions for Poster delivery

Sizes, mounting and removing of posters

The poster Size should be 1.20 m Length x 0.90 m width. The font and the its size should be as clear as possible in order to read it properly.

Poster should be mounted on Sunday 21st. May 2023 from 14.00 to 17.00 and remain up for its communication until Wednesday 24th. May at 17.00 pm, with the number and the place given by the organization and remain there until the end of the conference.

Materials for mounting the posters can be obtained by the LAPRW 2023 organization at the Registration Desk.

Poster session:

It will be held simultaneously from Sunday to Wednesday in front of the Conference Saloon.

The poster discussion will be performed in the afternoon, as placed in the program.

To defend their work with the ¨Posters Awards Committee on Monday 22nd.afternoon the authors from even posters should be there and those from the odd numbered posters on Tuesday.23rd. During the poster discussions sessions at least one author should be present.

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